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16 Video Editing Tools for Social Media Content Creation

Across the various online groups I have belong to for digital marketing there have been a number of questions asked about the best way to generate video content.

Video is becoming very popular online so it’s no wonder that digital marketers want to create the most engaging content possible. For most people video content is a tricky medium requiring some specialist skills to put together something that looks professional.

There is clearly some demand for video creation tools to help create professional looking videos that won’t take the entire day to create.

I pulled together the answers provided in the forum with intention of testing some of these of the next few weeks to see what works and what won’t so expect to see some edits an updates on this list. It’s a work in progress.

Assume that this not tested unless otherwise stated.

  1. Camtasia – This is my current solution from the guys at Techsmith. I make heavy of snagit and camtasia to communicate with developers show bugs and make the occasional how to video for YouTube. It works well but its expensive.
  2. LOOM – Free screen and Video Recording for Chrome
  3. FLYR iPhone app to create videos from your photo library.
  4. Promo by slidely – Another template base approach to content creation this time in your browser
  5. Biteable – Online animation creation tool that appears to be free
  6. Typito – Online video creation using your videos and images. This appears to run your through a wizard.
  7. Legend – An iPhone app that turns words into ‘stunning animations’
  8. Lumen 5 – Artificial Intelligence driven platform that turns articles into a video. This does look interesting.
  9. Animoto – An online video creation tool. The value proposition on their website is not immediately clear.
  10. Filmora by Wondershare – This was on the list. It appears to be standard videos editing software for mac and windows. The website doesn’t tell me much without digging around but I imagine it was put forward based on price. It seems pretty reasonable.
  11. Vidwiz – Create amazing Videos on Minutes, in your browser
  12. Renderforest – Cloud based intro maker to give your videos a more professional edge.
  13. Vidgeo – Claims to be the next generation in Video creation. Can translate video content for overseas audiences.
  14. Veme.ly – iphone App to create viral videos (apparently)
  15. https://clipr.co/ This is the outlier of the group. It looks like a way to build video experience (think landing pages) rather than promotional content. One to explore more I think.
  16. Adobe Spark Video – This one I’ve used before and created some good videos. I like to switch from one branding style to another frequently which is not supported in spark. You can create videos from your phone then go online to add some finishing touches.

So there you have it. That’s a pretty decent list, thanks the various AdWords and Facebook marketing masters groups, but its by no means exhaustive.

If you know something else that should be added to list or if you have hands on experience on any of these tools, use the comments section to share the love.


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