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Why I chose Thrive Themes

Regular visitors to this website may have noticed that I have given the site a little facelift. It’s actually long overdue, and I will be the first to admit that the website has been somewhat neglected in recent months while I worked on other projects but I have finally got around to updating the site on Thrive in line with my other WordPress sites.

Choosing a Landing Page Solution for WordPress

Given the leaps and bounds made in the WordPress platform and its community I have rebuilt many of my sites and customers sites more recently in WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress has increasingly been the platform of choices for many new clients these days so I wanted to see if we could find ways to extend WordPress rather than buy another technology to sit along side it.

In particular, I wanted to see if I could reallocate budget spent on leadpages.net to a WordPress based landing page platform. I was also on the lookout for better ways to capture contact details than the standard contact from 7 approach.

This is when I first found out about Thrive Themes. The platform allowed me to build landing pages right out of WordPress using the same URL and the main site. There is the usual variety of landing page templates to choose from but building your own pages is also very easy because of the availability of their visual content editor, which has since been updated to Thrive architect.  Initially I found that I missed the easy drag and drop nature of the elements from unbounce, which I has also been using lately, but once I got the hang of the editor, I haven’t found any real restrictions and I have been able to quickly build the pages the way i wanted them to look.

A Matter of Value for Money

What really tipped me over the line was the value of all the added features bundled into their pricing. For roughly the cost of my previous landing page builder, I have access to all of Thrives products and themes, including an impressive raft fo lead generation tools such Quiz builder. All of these play nicely with my MAS which is currently Ontraport, but there is a range of EMS providers to choose from as well as easy HTML form integration.

Since becoming a member I found their support forums to be excellent and responsive, their knowledge base and youtube channel to be regularly updated.  They have released two new products so their product is always kept fresh and updated.

This blog is the last site to get updated and it’s still a work in progress, so make sure you leave me your details and I can let you know as more Thrive features get rolled out.



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Dave Birchall is a Sydney digital marketing and sales expert with a love for conversion rate optimisation, eCommerce and online growth. He is accredited in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Adwords among other things. He has owned and run large and small ecommerce businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and China.

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