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20 Quick and Easy Digital Marketing Tips to boost your marketing.



  1. Create Targeted follow up emails for example for abandoned carts or follow up after a purchase with a coupon.
  2. If you have a very large database, consider sending out your EDM in batches to reduce load on your website and customer service resources. EDM’s should be segmented and targeted, spread them out.
  3. Pay attention to open rates at different times fo the day and times of the week. Use this to your advantage.
  4. Use double opt in and allow easy unsubscribes. A clean list is a good list.
  5. Keep emails shorts and enticing, keep you main content on your website and measure clicks.
  6. Give your content personality and tailor it to your audience.
  7. Be consistent and persistent when embarking on a new marketing initiative. Quick wins are few and far between.
  8. Google wants a good user experience more than an SEO friendly experience.
  9. Hashtags increase your reach on social media. Find good relevant #hashtags and use them to your advantage.
  10. Be authentic with your communication. Reply to communications, dont delete negative comments, ask questions of your audience rather than talk about you all of the time.
  11. Not all Social networks are the same. Choose the one that is closest to your Ideal customer profile.
  12. Set up automated feeds to send products to Google Shopping.
  13. Use adwords extensions to boost your CTR. Consider click to call, site links, location and review extensions.
  14. Pay attention to ad placement versus click through rate.
  15. Good SEO may help to reduce your adwords spend but dont rule out other campaigns on top ranking keywords.
  16. Keep your content fresh: Update frequently.
  17. Use your search data as inspiration for your next set of content.
  18. Don’t stuff keywords into your content. Use natural language and keep it on topic.
  19. Website taxonomy is important for SEO and for user experience. Give this the time it deserves.
  20. Page load times are important for SEO and for user experience. Use a reliable web host. Consider using a CDN is necessary to reduce latency.

About the Author Dave Birchall

Dave Birchall is a Sydney digital marketing and sales expert with a love for conversion rate optimisation, eCommerce and online growth. He is accredited in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Adwords among other things. He has owned and run large and small ecommerce businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and China.

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