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First Impressions of Thrive Optimise

The guys over at Thrive Themes have released their newest product in their optimisation suite to its members so I headed over to take a look for myself at what the new plugin can do.

There will be a deep-dive webinar that full explains the features of the product in the next few days which I highly recommend you get to. 

So what exactly is Thrive Optimise?

This plugin further extends the optimisation capability of WordPress and its landing pages built in thrive architect by allowing us to A/B/n test entire webpages. So now as well as head line testing or testing opt in elements you can now test entire layouts, copy or what ever else springs to mind on your landing pages. 

First Impressions for Thrive Optimise?

The product is due for full release in early February but existing Thrive members already have access to the plugin in their member console as well as some support documentation to get you started. 

After installing and activating the package there is a small update to the thrive dashboard where you can access reports. 

The real changes occur when you access the editor when there is a new button to add a variation. You can optimise your workflow by simply copying your control page and making the changed to your challenger pages.

Goals are set up in a very simply manner optimised for lead generation and subscribers. I'm not sure about how this might work with Revenue for ecommerce clients. 

You can also set up statistical significance and have the winner accepted automatically. 

Overall its a great solution for those people who don't want the full features (or cost) of a VWO or Optimizely platform and want to keep everything within WordPress. 

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Dave Birchall is a Sydney digital marketing and sales expert with a love for conversion rate optimisation, eCommerce and online growth. He is accredited in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Adwords among other things. He has owned and run large and small ecommerce businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and China.

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