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Facebook Ads

The growth of of the Facebook Ads platform has been staggering. Modern marketers are keen to make use of precise targeting options and engage their audience on this is incredibly popular platform. Organic reach has been declining every year for several years but their membership has sky rocketed. Smart marketers understand that the importance of using Facebook Ads to the fullest range of its cabability.

Why most businesses fail at Facebook ads...

Facebook campaigns require a broad range of skills. Many business leader feel that because they use facebook in their leisure time, they can master facebook ads just as easily. 

Facebook is a very powerful ad delivery platform with almost limitless targeting options. You may well be able to get your campaign live but seeing the success you want is an entirely different matter. 

As well as running your business your will need these skills

  • Technical expertise, - Tag management,  
  • Design expertise Landing page builds
  • Analytics expertise
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Budget Management
  • Online Psychology - Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Copy Writing

Skills Shortfall

Being successful online requires a broad mix of skills. A gap in the team can be the difference between your success and failure. 

Insufficient Strategy

Still boosting posts? Forgetting to retarget? Working without clear KPIs. This stuff still goes on. You need a strategist on your side to know how to focus your efforts

Time Poor

Facebook ads requires ongoing and continuous optimisation. Don't fall into the set and forget trap. Instead you need an expert to focus on your success regularly. 

Analytics Shortfalls

You need to be able to track your campaign  KPI's to ensure you on track. Slice and dice your metrics to identify optimisation opportunities. 

My Process

Uncover ways to optimise your Facebook Ads account in three easy steps


Connect your account

Join me on facebook messenger to connect your account to my diagnostic toolset 


Free Strategy Session

Join me on a stratety call to discuss the results of the audit and map out actionable insights.


Discuss our next steps

We discuss our suitability to work together based on the findings from step 2


Proven experience backed by certification in PPC and analytics

Why choose Dave

As a freelancer I'm small enough to give you the service level you require without 'project management bloat'. I belong to a network of digital professionals and specialists to get access to a particular skill set should we need it

Personalised service

Responsive and agile enough to respond to your teams needs. 

Data Driven

One of my core value is to provide measurable success. 

Digital Experience

My experience across a wide number of industries provides the context needed to know what works. 

No Lockins

I will always provide value. This means there is no need for lock in contracts

Get your facebook ads account audited

Let's get the data doing the talking. Connect to our facebook diagnostic tool in Facebook Messenger to get started. 


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