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What can I do for you?

I’m a critical thinker, which means I look for make decisions based on the data.  Part of the process of true critical thinking is to be mindful of logical fallacies and to interrogate the validity of the data being considered.

My credentials

  • I am a business coach with a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Coaching at UOW, currently working towards a Masters in Business Coaching
  • Google Partner in Analytics, Adwords and Apps for Business.
  • BPMN certification.

My experience

  • Multiple process mapping and Business Process Mapping Platforms.
  • Rollout and project management of multiple websites on various shopping cart platforms and CMS’s
  • Private one on one business coaching and business planning.
  • Set up of countless businesses for clients.

My services

  • Online Strategy Review
  • Google Analytics Coaching and Consulting
  • Business Process Outsourcing process readiness, selection, measurement and KPI’S
  • Website and Software Delivery Project Management
  • Online and Back office productivity discovery and Prioritisation.
  • Promote a culture of critical thinking skills
  • Lead Generation and Triage processes
  • Google Analytics Set up
  • Usability Split Testing and Conversion optimisation

My results

I will get your business online with a website that meets your business objectives.

I will identify business growth opportunities and insights.

I will work with you to reduce costs and increase profits.

I will work with you to eliminate waste, identify automation opportunities and measure process effectiveness.

I am a coach and a consultant, but most of all I am your partner.


Reach out now to find out how we can work together


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